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Questions about my 2 baby girls

Hello again . Well I just got two 8 week old female mice. Apparently they are called cuddly mice. Not sure what it means. They live in the same cage and they seem very happy together. They love each other. But when it comes to cage cleaning time. They hate it as than they have to be picked up and moved to there box. I wish I knew a way to make to this easier on them as they are very stressed out when it's cage cleaning time. I'm used to them trying to bite Me and escape from me but I still worry about there well being. They are already very stressed. I just got them yesterday . They will not even let me pet them yet. I know mice need some getting used to their new environment cage and owners. Any advice on how to keep the stress for these 2 low and Make the move from pet Store to my home for them easier. They are getting fed lots of good quality mouse food and treats .They have loads of toys. They are getting there cage kept very clean . I just want them to be happy. :) Thank you


  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
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    Early days yet, hopefully they should calm down. One useful thing is to train them to go into a toilet roll - once in, cover both ends and pick up gently and transfer to the carrier. It's a good way to move mice without needing to pick them up.

    No idea what cuddly mice means!
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