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2 pregnant females new mouse owner here

Hi guys. So I have 3 mice . All of which are females. However 2 are pregnant . I'm
Not sure how far along they are in their pregnancy but I'm
Giving them
Lots of good food with vitamins . And veggies and proteins. Anyways if you guys have advice please do share . I'm
A fairly new mouse owner. And never dealt with a pregnant mouse let alone 2 of them.


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    edited September 2016 Posts: 1,051

    Mouse mums are usually pretty good at getting on with it. You can leave them in together and they will probably share nursing duties or you can house them separately. Just provide plenty of safe nesting material for them (no fibres that can get tangled round the feet of babies). It's a good idea to keep a note of the dates of birth so that you can split any baby boys at 4-4.5 weeks. They mature very quickly and the last thing you need is any more unplanned pregnancies. Go easy on the extra protein in the mums' food until they are about to give birth, otherwise they may give birth to very large pups. Once the babies are born then it's fine to give them extra protein to help them produce milk.

    Resist the urge to disturb newborn babies until they are at least a couple of days old, unless your mouse mums are very trusting. Mums have been known to eat babies.

  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
    Posts: 274
    That's a rough introduction! Were these girls from a breeder or pet shop? can they advise? Do you believe they were already pregnant when you got them, or is mouse 3 possibly a boy?

    As Ann said, mouse mums are pretty good parents so fingers crossed. They also are good at sharing babies so you can leave them in together to raise them. After a few days you can have a quick headcount, best done out of sight of mums and where they cannot hear the babies - so put them in a separate container with some interesting food or toys.

    Then every day or few days keep a record of distinguishing features so that you can help identify and sex them. Nipples are the easiest way to sex early on, before the fur properly grows. I'm not a fan of this website for other areas, but this sexing guide is excellent: Sexing mice guide
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