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What do you're cages look like :)

Hi . I have a mouse named Timothy and thought I'd describe his cage. It's kaytee brand . And is quite fixed up so he can't escape. I use carefresh bedding . And he has no wheel as he never uses it. He has an upstairs a downstairs with a cheese house on top floor. And veggie dish on top floor too. A food dish on bottom a salt lick a nibbler chew toy. And a alfalfa hay block . As well as a hanging water bottle.he will be getting a Hammock made of yarn soon. Is there anything else I should give him ? Thanks


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
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    I have two mice at the moment and they are in a cage with a barred top and plastic base. They have two levels in their cage, on the ground floor is a plastic house and a strawberry shaped plastic shelter as well as a food bowl and some cardboard tubes. On the next level is another plastic house hanging from the side of the cage, two silent spinner wheels and their water bottle. Hanging from the roof are a plastic sputnik, a fleece cube and a hammock.

    And you'll never guess what........ all those houses to choose from and they decided to make their nest at the bottom of the cage in the corner!

  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
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    When I had my last female mice, I had a large rat cage (barred) with multi-floors with solid ramps and the mice knew every inch of it. It was a great cage, but cumbersome to clean, which is just as well I mainly spot cleaned and wiped the shelving down!

    Nowadays I only have two cages. One is s Gabber Rex Perspex cage. Not in production now but similar to the size and look of the Zoozone 1. The other is my spare Ferplast Duna which I don`t use, but it`s handy s a spare. My wee roborovski Fred was housed in this cage when I got him off Gumtree and the plastic wheel was stuck fast. He was soon moved into the larger gabber Rex and thrived in it.
  • BaggyMousersBaggyMousers Mouse
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    This is my cage, a Ferplast Jenny KD, and i've put in the extra levels, 3 in total so I have 4 levels for them all to explore. The great thing about it is I can easily rearrange and create something brand new for the meeces. It's tiresome to clean out but worth it to see them popcorn about exploring what to them seems like a whole new playground 
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  • zany_toonzany_toon Mouse
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    :-O That's an amazing set up Georgia!! No wonder the mice love it so much, it must be like living at a fairground and not knowing where to turn next!!
  • MouseLoverMouseLover Lemming
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    That cage is HUGE and amazing  :-O
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