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Warty Wilma

I have a fat beauty called Wilma, she is a fuzzy rescue mouse with a tiny pea sized head and a huge fat body! She is utterly adorable, loves a cuddle and ESPECIALLY loves her food. 

She has a wart on her side though, and she often scratches it and it bleeds A LOT. Large amounts of blood. :-/

Is there anything that can be done about her wart? I will post pictures of her (and wart) below when I can upload them.


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,047

    One of my boys had a number of warts that bled huge amounts too and he seemed to go into shock for a little while after the bleeds. Zany recommended a "styptic pencil" but I found that trying to dab that on him usually stressed him out even more so in the end I just left him to his own devices. As he got older and slower, the warts didn't bleed so much.

    If Wilma only has one wart, is still quite young and it's in a place that can be operated on, it might be worth talking it through with your vet. 

  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,327
    I only seen one wart on Maisy my white female and it appeared strangely on the side of her nose. It bobbed around for a while and then one day, it was gone. She had knocked it off herself and thankfully, no large blood loss. It just seemed superficial. Warts are a viral thing, so perhaps your vet could suggest a paint on preparation like the pen Roz mentioned or a quick removal with a heated utensil.

    In humans, raised warts or small cysts can be removed by injecting an anaesthetic near to it and then it`s removed by a hot metal instrument. They sometimes need a small stitch but not always. In a mouse, it my require knocking her out so your vet would need to make sure she could handle that Baggy. x
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