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Fussy rats

Ok so here the deal . My rats only would eat there fruits and veggies and ignore there rat food. Which is regal rat or vita prima critter cubes . I mean they never touch the rat food just veggies. Well they started getting dirrihea from all the veggies and Fruits. Pet store said only once a week which is what we're doing now . However now they r not eating the critter cubes or regal rat at all. Just treats. I give 1 small hard dog biscuit a day to each of my 2 rats. They will not eat the regular food or cubes whatsoever. However they are drinking water as i saw them. But as soon as they see the dog biscuit they devour it. I am just not understanding this lol


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,053
    I don't know enough about rats to give you much advice. My mice would be completely the opposite and ignore the fruit/veg. Are you sure the rats aren't just picking out their favourite bits, making it look as if they are leaving all of it? Are the rats underweight? You could try smearing a bit of malt paste over the food to encourage them to eat it.
  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    edited January 2017 Posts: 1,333
    Look at the `Shunamite diet for rats` (google it) as this diet is based around using a good rat mix as a base and adding other ingredients to it in volumes (or cup fulls) and you can add things like dry dog kibble (senior as this is lower protein) depending on the age of your rats.

    Rats are like mice. They like variety and get bored with dry rat mix. Have you tried soaking the cubes and making them softer? I would cut back on the vegetables really and allow their tummies to settle again. What other rat mixes are available to you where you are? Sometimes the cubes alone can be bland and not very appetising. If you have any plain dry pasta in the house, cook a few pieces until soft and offer these to the rats and see how they go down? It`s usually enjoyed and they can nibble on dry pasts, you don`t need to cook it. But look at the Shunamite diet and this will give you an idea of what to buy and mix. x
  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    I really would get rid of the cubes. Rats like a mix of different grains etc. If you are in the UK Rat rations do some great rat food.
  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,333
    My rats and mice used to like organic puffed rice cereal. Not the sugar coated stuff, but the plain stuff. In the UK it`s called Kallo organic puffed rice. There are many things yo can mix into a good rat food if you look at the principles of the Shunamite diet and tailor it to suit your own rats needs depending on age.
  • KawaiiKawaii Lemming
    Posts: 257
    I agree with trying the shunamite diet; I must admit I know next to nothing about ratties, but that diet always made sense. Rat rations is also supposed to be good. 
     Personally I would withdraw all treats, leaving just a bowl of rat food in the cage. When they get hungry they will eat sounds harsh but they can't live off treats. 

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