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Automatic watering in an aquarium (mice)?

Let's say I was watering a few mice in an aquarium using a bucket and piping system. Is the any way I could prevent them from chewing on the piping? Also, how much of a concern would flooding be?


  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
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    I wouldn`t rely on such a system to be honest. If the mice end up not being able to drink from it if it fails, they could dehydrate and become very ill, especially inside a tank habitat. It`s sensible to have a small heavy ceramic water dish inside a tank as well as a water bottle hanging low enough using one of those tank water bottle holders. I have a metal Oasis one from when I kept gerbils, but you can also make a water bottle holder like this from a plastic water bottle and weigh it down with pebbles.

    plastic bottle holder.JPG
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  • SarahnashSarahnash Lemming
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    CatCrazy, do you mean to provide water to drink for your mice? Are you going away and need to provide water in your absence? I agree with racingmouse, I wouldnt rely on it. I know it's really hard sometimes to provide for them if you have no one to come in and see to their needs. How long do you have to leave them for? Perhaps a bigger bottle than they'd normally need, perhaps 2 if one fails? But better not to need it if possible and change it daily?
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  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
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    I would also be concerned about constant dripping if the substrate got too wet as a result. The mice would also need to learn how to drink from it. Having more than one water source is better as Sarah suggested, two or three full bottles and a ceramic dish that wasn`t deep. Something around 1" inch deep.
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