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Glass (?) coffee pots

Would a glass coffee pot, like the one pictured, work as a hide for a dwarf hamster? JAne currently has a small wooden one, but keeps urinating on her bed inside it, staining it, and because it's wood I have no way of cleaning it properly. Thank you in advance! :) imageobviously it will be washed out very thoroughly before being used ! 

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  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,333
    Hi Kawaii. Jars are okay as sand pits (if you use sand, I stopped using sand) but I wouldn`t use one as a nesting area as the glass could end up being cold for the dwarfie to get cosy in and could still pee inside it. As a replaceable nesting box, I used an up-turned shoe box. Remove the lid, cut two entry/exit doors and turn the box upside down do it has no floor. The hamster can then dig down into the substrate below and make a nice den! 

    It doesn`t need to be a shoe box, you can use any cardboard made box and just do the same, depending on the size you require for the cage space provided. My Perspex tank is around the same size as a Zoonone 1 tank and I placed my shoe box at one end and my hamsters all loved them. They can be chewed also and are very safe. 

    Hope this helps. x 
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,051
    A coffee jar would certainly be easier to clean than wood but I know from experience that the plastic houses with two entrances that my mice have, suffer with condensation so I would imagine a glass jar with one entrance would suffer equally. I would also be a little concerned that if she were to pile bedding up in the entrance, she might suffocate.
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