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My past hammies.

KawaiiKawaii Lemming
edited October 2017 in Galleries
First hamster: Pearl. Lived being called "she" for about 5/6 of his life only to be found to be male when visiting the vet for mites! Sweet, sweet, kind soul who was a Christmas present when I was 8. image
Second hamster: Biscuit. Male Syrian who was a lively lad despite being the only hamster in the cage asleep in the hamster section at PAH, where he came from. imageimage
Ice - female winter white from RSPCA blackberry farm. Mad, aggressive little monster with more bite in her tiny body than  an angry caucasian ovcharka. image
Chip. Gentle, introverted, fast little man; a stereotypical roborovski, he came from RSPCA Blackberry Farm at the same time as Ice. 

Cinnamon, the world's gentlest hamster, a massive male agouti from a little local petshop originally bought as school science hamster (and cared for by myself) but retired to me when the stress of school life began to take its toll on him. The gentlest hamster I have ever owned, you could pick him up whilst he was asleep - and have him stay like that, dozing in the palm of your hand. image
Prince, (full name Prince Snow), brought home from Pampurred pets after I saw a "mutant hamster" who was so huge it was joked that maybe it was half guinea pig. Not much of a one for cuddles - he'd obviously learned from the Chip School of How to Live Your Hamster Life - but liked to run around by room whilst I cleaned everyone out, and was a great listener; one of best "furapy" animals I have ever owned! 
And the current gang: 
Princess Jane, brought home from PAH after I fell in love - with her quirky name! Probably a close contender for 'tamest hamster I've ever owned' alongside Cinnamon. 

Little old Jane by be being joined by a cream banded female Syrian I saw in Pampurred pets if she's still there on Monday but don't hold out your hopes.... 

Just wanting the world to see my beautiful furbabies (past and present); a little while ago I stumbled on the photos of Pearl quite by accident, having
 believed for years that I didn't have a single picture of him. I've been wanting to share them for a while but it didn't seem fair to do so without also putting up images of my other hamsters. :) 

Proud owner of 2 chinchillas and a dwarf hamster

(chins for the win!)

 If I'm not active I have probably forgotten my password (again)....


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,051
    Great photos and some lovely memories of all your furbabies. I shall watch this space for new arrivals.
  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    Lovely Hamsters. I wish I'd took pictures of my past hammies.
  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    edited October 2017 Posts: 1,333
    Thanks for sharing your memories and present furries kawaii. Like Nicky, I wish I`d saved more images of my mice and hamsters but I didn`t have a digi camera or a smartphone back then.  :( I do have a few saved that zany_toon took for me when she picked up a few of my `rescues` before they came to me! I have a few small images of:

    Prinny (Chinese female) hamster

    This image was taken when she was with her previous owner. She was a darling wee thing and I was very upset when she passed. She was my only Chinese hamster to date and introduced me to the wonderful charms of the Chinese hamster. Very mouse-like in character and intelligence with the same abilities to climb. She was soon out of that criminal rotastak module and into a Gabber rex tank! 

    Prinny Chinese Hamster.jpg
    1148 x 861 - 89K
  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    What a lovely face she has racing mouse.
  • KawaiiKawaii Lemming
    Posts: 256
    Aha she was gorgeous racingmouse! :) <3 

    Proud owner of 2 chinchillas and a dwarf hamster

    (chins for the win!)

     If I'm not active I have probably forgotten my password (again)....

  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,333
    Thanks. It seems like yesterday really yet it was but a good four years (?) ago now. I`ve had Rocky (robo) Boris (Syrian), Wee Fred (robo) and my last dwarf hamster Chubs (hybrid Russian dwarf) since Prinny passed on and they were all rehomed from other people. Just adored all of them and wish I could wave a wand and go back to that time. Especially when Prinny would run down the bed, find the end of my jeans and sit in the fold of my knee having a wash and tickling me to death!  X(  She was a real character. x
  • SarahnashSarahnash Lemming
    Posts: 360
    Lovely to see everyone's boys and girls. They are all too cute.
    Mum to ratties Bosley, Ruby, Emily and Jean, Teddy the hamster and George the gerbil.
    Never forgotten - my lovely fancy mice Jill, Kate, Eve, Kris, Sabrina, Dylan, Kelly, Abby, Tiffany, Natalie and Alex and wild mice Harry and Wills and Charlie the gentle-man Rat.
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