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Bar spacing for my new dwarfs?

So I’m heading out to the pet shop later, and I’m getting two dwarfs, a Russian Campbell and a Roborovski.
The Robo will be living in a 25 gallon aquarium, is this ok? And then the Russian will be in a 460sq inch cage with bar spacing of 1cm, they are both 4 months old and I was just wondering if the bar spacing would be to big or if the tank to small x thanks!


  • FurbysCornerFurbysCorner Lemming
    Posts: 4
    Oh and they are rescues, my pet shop has an rspca section! X
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,047

    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I've never kept dwarf hamsters before so I'm not the best person to offer advice but hopefully, someone more knowledgeable will be a long soon. I would also imagine the RSPCA can offer some advice. It's a lovely idea to adopt small furries in need of a home.

  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    edited October 2017 Posts: 1,327
    Hi. A wee Robo will be happy living in a tank-style cage yes. As long as S/he has a good (safe) wheel, a robo will play happily by themselves. They should NOT be allowed out of their cage to be honest as they tend to leap or jump and can injure themselves, so with the robo, I would be inclined to keep him in a Zoozone 1 sized Perspex tank. Robos are diggers and ground dwellers, so they shouldn`t have runged ladders or height in the cage like high levels as they will topple off. Same standards for Russian dwarfs as they will attempt to climb, but they are ground dwellers, so it`s better to give them leg room and things they can explore on ground level. Up-turned shoe boxes are great sleeping houses and can be replaced easily and chewed, so they act as a chew toy and a focus.

    I`m no good with gallons I`m afraid just inches or centimeters! Bar spacing of 1" inch should be okay, but if the Russian dwarf is small, I would be careful that s/he doesn`t try to squeeze through any gaps, so check over the whole cage, around the doors and corners. 
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