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Lonely mouse

So I got a mouse today. My other boy died not long ago . And I noticed he is a bit lonely not eating much. The new mouse that is . He is a boy. the clerk at pet smart suggested 2 nice so he doesn't get lonely as these nice are brothers I think she said. She said thry get along great. However he is by himself. Still seems a little sad almost. Im not sure if I should get one more . My cage is big enough. And this guy is sitting in a corner doing nothing . Thank you for advice


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,047

    I really wouldn't advise putting two male mice together unless you have a lot of experience keeping male mice with each other. Unfortunately males tend to fight as they mature and can inflict some serious injuries on each other.

    Instead, what I would do is provide lots of human attention and lots of toys in his cage to keep him occupied. I would also have him checked out by a vet if he's looking withdrawn and not eating much.

  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    edited November 2017 Posts: 1,327
    Hi. Ann is absolutely correct to say that two males (especially two that were together and then split up by a pet store) should now be kept apart. Single males do adapt to their own company and placing human emotions there can sometimes end in tragedy. Male mice who are brothers for example can (and usually do) end up attacking one another as they mature and their hormones kick in, resulting in nasty injuries. There are many testimonies to this and it just isn`t worth the risk.

    Your little guy will enjoy a good (solid/safe) wheel and plenty of things to hide in and climb on. Spot clean his cage too and never use disinfectant sprays as mice are highly prone to respiratory problems and the smell these sprays or cleaners give off can be far stronger to a small airway than to a human nose! Wet kitchen towel to wipe down surfaces and wash toys periodically.

    What cage is he in? What is he fed on? Mice love variety and adding things like millet spray (sold for caged birds) can be cut into a few inch pieces and added to the cage and you can grate or crush a small amount of nuts like buying a small bag of selected nuts from a health food store and offering tiny pieces as a treat. 
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