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Adequate cage for mouse

smallbrownwolfsmallbrownwolf Lemming
edited February 2018 in Cages and Environmentals
Looking to upgrade my little spiny mouse. She's in her second cage now, which I feel is terribly small.

Is this cage alright? In size, bar spacing, etc. I'm terrible at visualizing dimensions and such, so honestly I have no clue how large this thing is. Hopefully decent size, though. 

Is there anything better available? In the US or that can be shipped to the US [cheaply, preferably]. 

This forum is a little dead, so I'm not sure I'll even get a reply before I go ahead and purchase the / a cage. But worth a shot. 


  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,327
    Hi smallbrownwolf. The cage is 81cm in length and overall would be a decent size for a single spiny mouse with lots of scope for branches and other accessories. The bar spacing seems to be okay but for mice generally, you are looking at 1cm to one and a half cm wide. Anything wider could allow a mouse to escape or get stuck attempting to escape, so something you need to know before purchasing.

    The size of the cage and the bar spacing are on the item description, so get hold of a measuring tape that has inches and centimetres on it to be able to measure the space the cage will be in your room?

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  • smallbrownwolfsmallbrownwolf Lemming
    Posts: 8
    Do you know of anything better out there? I thought it was a good cage, but isn't sounding like it, huh? Want her to be the happiest squeaker around.

    I don't have a measuring tape or even a ruler, looked a few days prior to posting here.
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    edited February 2018 Posts: 1,047

    I've never kept Spiny Mice so I don't know how small/large they are. It seems like a really nice sized cage for her as long as the bar spacing is alright and she isn't too small to escape.

    Edit: I've just looked at Crittery Exotics website and it says Spiny Mice are good chewers so she might be better in a tank style cage unless you already have her in a similar style cage to the one you're thinking of getting and she's been fine in that.

  • smallbrownwolfsmallbrownwolf Lemming
    Posts: 8
    They're really not much larger than a domestic mouse, I don't believe... She had a fancy mouse as a cagemate in the past, and was noticeably bigger but not drastically. She had a thicker build[?] but length was pretty similar. 

    The bar spacing is 3/8". Is that too large or no? Kinda getting mixed answers on that wherever I ask.

    She doesn't seem to be a chewer. Her past "cage" and current cage are both plastic. She's even been keep in cardboard overnight, once, without chewing out [trying the same thing with her cagemate led to a fancy mouse on the loose, though].

    I may or may not get her a cagemate in the future. Would it be big enough for the two of them?  
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,047
    If she is larger than a Fancy Mouse then I think the bar spacing on that cage will be quite alright but if you were to get a baby Fancy Mouse as a cagemate later, it might well be able to get through the bars until it grew to adult size. My opinion is that the cage would be fine for two Mice.
  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,327
    I don`t know what 3/8" is?  :-?  An inch (1") would be considered too wide for a normal fancy mouse so 1cm or one and a half centimetres are normally what mouse keepers go for. I would email the company selling this cage for a clearer answer on this as their bar spacing measurement seems a bit odd to me and I wouldn`t trust it. In the UK there are cages like the Barney, the Ferplast Kios and the Perspex tank-style cages called the Zoozone 1 & 2. The 2 being the largest but both of these have wide barred lids that require meshing for mice to be kept in them. 

    There was another mouse cage on Amazon that was pictured on here and on another site last year with a brown plastic base and white bars. Can`t remember the name of it now though. Ann, do you remember that cage? It might be in our Caging section as I`m sure I posted about it a while ago. It has plastic shelves and tubes inside too.....
  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    edited February 2018 Posts: 1,327
    Found this older link from this page with a few narrow barred cages that sell on Amazon although some are unavailable now, but could be elsewhere.

    Found it!

    This cage comes in two sizes, so see if it`s available in your country or for shipping? If you scroll down that page, there are buyer feedbacks and one that has the owners set up and feedback on the cage set up. 
  • smallbrownwolfsmallbrownwolf Lemming
    Posts: 8
    With how introverted I am, emailing them is pretty much out of the question. I don't think clarification is needed, anyway. 3/8" is a little less than half an inch.

    Having issues figuring out how large that first cage you linked is.

    The second one states it's unavailable for the US, and I think it's smaller than the one I linked?
  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,327
    The Skyline Tilo is 100cm in length x 53cm wide x 46cm tall. If you read some of the Q&A`s on that page some people were asking questions about the cage and people who bought it replied. This cage is big enough for a single Syrian hamster! 
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