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Charlie and Bosley Rat news and hamster adoption

I cannot remember if I mentioned that Bosley had to have an eye removed last year. It started by swelling and the Vet first prescribed eye drops. These didn’t work so after discussion we decided to have his eye removed. The Vet cautioned me that he obviously wouldn’t know the cause of the swelling until it was removed and it might not be good news. He talked about knocking him out and exploring the reason with a view to removal at a later date. But what with the risk of anaesthetic I thought it had to come out regardless, do it all at once. And do a pathology on the eye to see if there was something bad there. So that it was we did. The eye came out very easily and results were nothing malignant. He must have damaged it, he likes running and jumping and I think he may have banged it. But he recovered real quick and is my beautiful one-eyed boy. If a little jumpy if you get on his blind side.
Charlie scared me with a strange affliction - one days he was drooling and continuously chewing. In hindsight I wonder if he had something stuck in his craw but wasn’t obviously choking. He went to the vet 5 days straight for AB injections and on the third day turned a corner and started to pick up again. During the time I encouraged him to eat and syringed in water and he actually slept in my sleeve. Since then we have bonded more.
It’s been very warm hasn’t it? I brought the boys cage into our bedroom and there’s me, OH, the boys and an aircon unit! It’s a bit of a squash and they are quite noisy at night, but we all like it. The boys come out at night across a little bridge to the bed and have a rough and tumble with us. They get bored before we do.
In fact they don’t like coming out of their cage that much. Is that normal? I read about time out of the cage and how they should have an hour each day. But they don’t really like it. They let me know quite soon they want to go home. (This involves Bosley running up my arm to my shoulder, very deliberately turning around and pulling on my sleeve forcibly with his teeth). It’s a shame in a way.

The picture shows their play area (not their home) and they don’t really like it. But it’s where they go when I am cleaning their cage.

Anyway, hamster.....
I have seen several hamsters in pets at home. They have multiples in small glass boring enclosures and I watch them trying to climb the walls. Such a sad sight. But I know ‘rescuing’ them is not really rescuing and they will just breed more. But there is a little male syrian who is up for adoption in a cage on his own in his coconut. This coconut is very important to him they tell me, and that spoke to me. So I think I want to adopt him and try to give him a fab life for as long as he has left ( he’s not a youngster). He was brought in by a little old lady who was a bit confused and it was decided she cannot look after him.
So any thoughts please, you who know hamsters? Am I doing the right thing? I didnt want a hamster, but I want to give this little man a good home. He will have love, kindness, be looked after, possibly will come out to play if he wants. But my rats are my babies, is it alright to have a pet and not love it as much as other pets?

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Mum to ratties Bosley, Ruby, Emily and Jean, Teddy the hamster and George the gerbil.
Never forgotten - my lovely fancy mice Jill, Kate, Eve, Kris, Sabrina, Dylan, Kelly, Abby, Tiffany, Natalie and Alex and wild mice Harry and Wills and Charlie the gentle-man Rat.


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,056

    I can't remember if you told us about Bosley's eye, Sarah. Very good news that there was no tumour. A very odd issue with Charlie too, thank goodness he's ok now.

    I'm so glad you elaborated on the situation in your bedroom. I was beginning to think I was the only person sharing a bed with rodents. My mice are the same, sometimes they can't wait to come out and play, other times they'd sooner be in their cage. It's quite comforting to think they enjoy time in their cage though and I always give them the choice.

    The way I look at it with the hamster is that if you can give him a fantastic home and a better one than he is otherwise likely to get, then you're doing the right thing.

  • SarahnashSarahnash Lemming
    Posts: 360
    Well that’s good then as he’s here! And I must say he is delightful. I was tooin* and frying fetchinghim things to his cage (too small and will be changing tomorrow, but he came with it and I figure not tooo much change too soon). Anyway being too used to rats and mice who stay where they are put I probably forgot to put the lid down and he’s on top of the cage when I get back. Nobody panic, nice and calm! In fact he came to me and I just treated him like a rat and stood close and he tried to climb up. I scooped him gently expecting a not undeserved nip but no, he was a gentleman. Wouldn’t go back in the cage though, oops out again.
    Mum to ratties Bosley, Ruby, Emily and Jean, Teddy the hamster and George the gerbil.
    Never forgotten - my lovely fancy mice Jill, Kate, Eve, Kris, Sabrina, Dylan, Kelly, Abby, Tiffany, Natalie and Alex and wild mice Harry and Wills and Charlie the gentle-man Rat.
  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    He sounds a sweet old guy sarahnash.
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,056
    Awww, he sounds adorable. If he's anything like the Syrian Hamster I inherited though he'll have absolutely no sense of heights, unlike the Mice who would never fall off the side of the bed.
  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,336
    So glad Bosley has recovered from losing his eye Sarah, that must have been pretty worrying for you. He looks fab! Your little ones are spoiled! And new hammy has indeed landed on his wee paws! 
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