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  • AnnB December 2018
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Sarahnash news 3 - Introducing Emily and Jean female rats

Back when Ruby and Bosley were not getting on I decided to adopt some other females so Ruby (Tuesday) wouldn’t be alone (even if Bosley remained alone). I wanted youngsters as I heard they are easier to introduce. So November 14 I adopted 2 ladies who had not been sold in the shop and were now in the adoption area.
In accordance with my imagined linkage of naming ideas they are (See) Emily (Play) and Jean (Jeanie). (For those who remember the music in the 60s and 70s).
I started introducing them to Ruby after a period of side by side caging and swapping of bedding and toys. The first time was in the bath with fleeces and treats - there was a lot of Ruby squeaking - and then she jumped out onto my shoulder!
So gave up on the bath.
Around the same time I introduced Em and Jean to Boz which actually went better. They haven’t been alone like Ruby so are more social and inclined to other rats. Ruby was becoming a bit of a lone psychopath who only wanted humans.
But we persevered with intros on the bed and one Saturday put everyone there with toys, bedding, fleeces, toilet, water, food. And left them there.
We built a new larger house from 2 Critter Nations and put them in that evening. Oh boy the excitement.
But concerned about Boz.....
Mum to ratties Bosley, Ruby, Emily and Jean, Teddy the hamster and George the gerbil.
Never forgotten - my lovely fancy mice Jill, Kate, Eve, Kris, Sabrina, Dylan, Kelly, Abby, Tiffany, Natalie and Alex and wild mice Harry and Wills and Charlie the gentle-man Rat.


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
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    Oh my goodness, you certainly have been saving up a lot of news. I'm going to check the rest of your posts.
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