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At what age...

...can the babies leave Mum?

I am asking as I have a friend staying with me who is keen to take two of the babies off my hands. She is leaving to go home on Monday which is when the babies are 3 weeks old. I am thinking that Tango must have been about that age or possibly even younger when he left his mother as when I picked my little gang up I was told he was only four weeks old then.


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    The boys should be separated from mum at four weeks. Any sooner would not be advisable and any later means they might become sexually mature and get mum pregnant again. Even after separating the boys from their mum it's advisable to keep an eye on them for another week or two, before letting them go to new homes. The girls really should be allowed to stay with mum until they are six weeks old.
  • _Gilbert_Gilbert Legacy
    Posts: 419
    :( She doesnt mind males or females. Unfortunately she lives too far away to make a return trip, its a 4 hour drive, and she only comes down about 2-3 times a year because of the cost of petrol. This is her last trip down this year :(

    I am gutted that that's the case. Its really bothering me now that the babies are growing about finding responsible homes for them and its such a shame as I know my friend would of given them a lovely home :(
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