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Mousey Updates.

Hello everyone! :wave:

it has been a while since i have did an update on the fur gang! :o

So, i haven't had any luck with my mice lately... After losing Lola everything went down hill from there :|

A lot of you may know i was trying to bond Lulu with my new female young mice, everything was going great! until Lily took a real disliking to my old female Lulu. I tried everything, but Lily was having none of it, and just kept attacking her. So i thought it would be best to end it there, and not to have them living together, and i'm glad i did!

Found out last night, that my poor lulu now has a lump, and then found one of my male Oscar too. I wasn't very impressed at all. It's bad enough to lose one, but now to go through losing two, i don't know how i'm going to cope! They are hopefully going to the vet on Friday, as i'm very busy tomorrow and Thursday, so hoping to book them in on Friday for a check up.

So, i havn't had the best time with my mice at the moment, but i am hoping to have some good news some where, hopefully! :lol:

How is everyone else doing? Did you's all enjoy the summer? :)


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    Hi Stacey, sad to hear that two of your little ones have developed lumps. :( Maybe fate lent a hand here when you were trying to get Lulu to live with the others, which is sad that it never payed off. Mice just sometimes don`t get on so it`s better to accept what they want rather than to persue it. Shame though.

    Summer?....What summer!!! :lol: Well, it is supposed to turn warmer at the end of this week but I feel a change in the air personally. Although I hope the `summer` lasts a little longer because our winters have not been kind the past three years. I`m dreading the return to bitterly cold weather.

    I hope your luck does change for the better soon and it`s nice to see you back. :)
  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
    Posts: 592
    Sorry to hear about the lumps Stacey :( I hate lumps on my meeces :( I hope it all goes well at the vet. It might be though that Lily could sense the start of the tumour in Lulu, I've only had that problem once or twice but maybe that's why Lily didn't want to live with Lulu.

    I've had about the same luck as you with meeces - I've lost 10 meeces and Harry my ham this year, and in the last little while have ended up with 5 new mousie additions (one of whom came in with a tumour) and 2 new dwarf hams (one deaf an blind.) I have one mouse with a bladder problem who also has eye ulcers, one with a kidney problem who is scratching, one with Cushings and another who is losing weight, scratching and has a spinal lesion which is stopping him from using his back legs - oh and Theo the cat has developed arthritis :( IIt doesn't matter though, I'd be lost without the furballs! It is nice though having some baby meeces around who are pingy and daft and keeping an elderly boy on his toes, and seeing a cowardly male mousie who was terrified of his shadow turn into an adventurous bar chewer :lol:

    Anyway, as for the summer I'm avoiding it and just concentrating on playtime for furries :D

    It's very nice to see you back Stacey :)
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