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General Questions About Mice cohabiting with Multis

_mouseman11_mouseman11 Legacy
edited April 2015 in General Rodent Chatter

Would love it if someone experienced could answer these questions!

1. Can the intro between fancies and multis happen at any age?
2. Do the species have to be of the opposite sex? e.g. male mouse with female multis? or can they be same sex? What's the reason if opposite sex?
3. Could you say have 3 fancies with 1 multi? or will a multi always need another of its own kind?



  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    I can`t answer all of your questions I`m afraid as I`ve never kept this combination myself. But the main reason we see a multi with a fancy mouse, is usually because a single male mouse doesn`t have to live alone, so a pair of female multis can sometimes temper that, BUT....and this does need careful consideration. They are two separate species and this should always be at the forefront of any introductions. Multis generally need their own company as they can sulk and become depressed, although again, I`m not sure how true this is. Multis are quite intelligent and are bred mainly for the reptile industry sadly and are generally know for biting and not being as social as fancy mice. But I suppose that`s because they don`t get the same treatment in a pet environment much of the time and are kept in small tanks and bred to death.

    On the whole, yes, they can be paired with fancy mice, but the only incidents I know of are when the single fancy male situation arises and some female multis can be found and brought in for the purpose of providing company for the male. I don`t know enough about mixing male multis with female fancy mice or larger groups. Hope this helps and someone with more knowledge here can answer too.
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    Hallo! I think we have other members who have done it more than me, so hopefully they'll pick up this thread in a bit :D

    In my experience:

    1. As far as I know yes, I do know it can work adults -> adults.
    2. I'd be interested to know this too, as I've only had it recommended opposite sex. I know no reason why they couldn't be the same (since they can't breed) but have only tried it with opposite to date.
    3. Yes, but it isn't ideal for the multi. Although they seem to communicate well, it won't be as good for them as their own kind. If you have to do it that way I think they'd be happier than entirely alone, but best to keep together if possible.

    As a matter of interest I had a group with a lone male zebra mouse, two female multimammates, female fancy mice and a neutered fancy male mouse. From that example, I'd say zebra mouse -> fancy mouse had easier communication than zebra mouse -> multimammates although the latter did tolerate each other, and was an improvement on solo zebra mouse.

    It would be great to hear what you find out as you try it, it doesn't seem to be something where knowledge is that widely shared.
  • _nicemice_nicemice Legacy
    Posts: 366
    I've recently done my second intro with an adult male mouse to my adult female multi, they couldn't be happier, they groom each other and interact really well, they also grieved when their first mouse companion died, it isn't just a case of two different species cohabiting, they really gain from the company. I can't advise on same sex intros though as I've always had male mice with female multis.
    Just to add, my multi lost her lifelong multi companion recently and seems to have totally transferred her affections to her new mouse friend, she doesn't seem aware that he's not a multi, I'm not sure if she's unusual for a multi though.
  • _mouseman11_mouseman11 Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Thanks for your input nicemice! It's so interesting that everyone puts opposite sexes with each other, is there any differences in temperament between male and female multis? Do you handle your multis? How do they compare to mice? (Sorry for all the questions) :D

    Racing mouse - its hard to know what to keep them in I guess, I like tanks but they are a pain to clean out because they're so heavy, I'd probably put them on a large rub that's at least 12" deep so that they could have some tall things to climb on. Also maybe cutting panels out of the side and adding cage bars would add extra ventilation and extra climbing opportunities.
  • _mouseman11_mouseman11 Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Thanks again nicemice! :)

    So if I get them when they are babies and put in the work do you think they will be happy to be held?

    Does your one tend to run up your arm like a rat would or do they jump because they prefer to head to the ground?
  • _mouseman11_mouseman11 Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Hmmmm ok, I didn't like my gerbils that much for that reason, they always wanted to be down, if I was stood up they'd be trying to climb down my leg and if holding them over something they'd try and get onto it!

    That's why I prefer rats and mice, they prefer to go up which is better as they come to a natural end point of the shoulder and don't end up running away on the floor!

    If they are more gerbil like that definitely puts me off! I need to meet some in person but can't find any in surrey :(

    Also interesting your one protected her mouse like it was her baby!
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