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I guess I need a new companion for Ruth

_xelay_xelay Legacy
edited April 2015 in General Rodent Chatter
Alright, so Ruth is a deer mouse (genus: peromyscus) and her cagemate Sandy (a fancy mouse, mus musculus) had to be euthanized today so I guess I need to get a new companion for Ruth.

A little about Ruth: She is very tiny, only weighs about 15-20 grams, fast, and not tame at all. Deer mice have a need for higher protein diets than fancy mice, but we can mostly deal with that if necessary.

I would sorta like to avoid the fancy mouse route just because of the high prevalence of tumors in female fancy mice, and would also sorta like to avoid a male fancy mouse because of their smell. I can deal with either if necessary, but I want to see if their are other options besides smelly (to me) male fancy mice, or tumor prone female fancy mice. A slightly longer life span would also be nice since Ruth will likely live for 4-6 more years and changing companions every year will be pretty rough if it comes to that. It would also be nice to find a type of mouse that matched her more closely in diet, but again that's not really necessary.

So, what type of mouse should I get to be Ruth's companion?


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    I guess the first question is what other types of mice are available where you are?
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    ***mostly for the purposes of the guests on this forum, but I'll just add that mixing species of mice is something to be very careful of, to research and to be aware of what signs mean to separate and to ensure the needs of both are met - and that if it doesn't work out you can look after all separately ***

    No offense intended xelay, as it sounds like you've got things well in hand by the way, I just worry a little about people popping onto this thread - getting a snapshot of a situation - and thinking they can do it themselves without any research or backup!

    Multimammate mice are I think the most social, but they are huge - so might be a bad match! Spinies are also very large, and not so social.

    Are Zebra Mice/Striped grass mice an option where you are? I've kept a single male in with female fancies before and that worked very well. They have the longer lifespan you need and are a similar size to a fancy mouse.

    That is, if getting another deer mouse isn't an option? Oh and if you can get pictures at any point I'd love to see her (or point me at the thread if I missed one!!) :D
  • _xelay_xelay Legacy
    Posts: 20
    For the record, I would usually be adamantly opposed to mixing species, and not normally considering such absurd and crazy options. This is a weird case that I'm just unsure what to do with so everything is on the table if it will make Ruth's quality of life better.
  • _xelay_xelay Legacy
    Posts: 20
    If anyone would like to take the fairly radical stance (in this situation) that I should release Ruth after a year of captivity I am willing to listen to the arguments for that also. It would have to be pretty compelling, but I'm sure someone out there is aching to make it.
  • _xelay_xelay Legacy
    Posts: 20
    Well we got Ruth two baby fancy mice.. Pictures to come of course. Now we just have to finish up quarantine, clean Ruth's cage really well and try an introduction. I have to admit I'm not super pleased with the two more fancy mice thing, but it is what it is and I think Ruth will be happy. The babies sure are cute too.
  • Posts: 0
    I hope Ruth likes her new friends :) Its great that you've gone for whats best for her instead of what you'd personally prefer to do
  • _Susie_Susie Legacy
    Posts: 290
    You're an amazing owner! I have a wildie, and he's so very tame. Lived on his own all his life. He's my special boy <3 Profile pic = species wood mouse
  • _xelay_xelay Legacy
    Posts: 20
    So I'm introing them at this very moment. It's going lovely. I set up the cage so that the new babies only have access to the lower floor but Ruth can still get to the two upper ledges so that if it is too much for her she can retreat (also turns out she can jump to those levels with no help at all so I couldn't have stopped her anyway). Ruth is much more agitated than normal, but not really with them. It's more like every time I get near the cage she starts jumping around and freaking out. I'm keeping my distance to let them get to know each other but I'm right here in case something happens.

    Here's a quick picture of them. Ruth is in the pink wheel, the white baby mouse is in the blue, and the brown baby mouse is in between (there's a third wheel in there, but it's further to the right). The two new mice don't have names yet, I just have to come up with something that really fits.
  • _xelay_xelay Legacy
    Posts: 20
    Awww Ruth and the white baby are sharing a wheel. Looks like Ruth is happy to have some new baby buddies!
  • Posts: 0
    Yup, sleeping together is when we regard intros as a success, really glad it went so well for them :D
  • _xelay_xelay Legacy
    Posts: 20
    Well, Ruth, Abby, and Penelope are still quite happy together. Ruth has calmed back down enough that yesterday's cage cleaning was a breeze! I'm happy with how smoothly everything worked out!
  • _xelay_xelay Legacy
    Posts: 20
    So the new mice still don't sit still for good pictures, but here's one of Ruth trying her very first grilled cheese sandwich. I know, I know, not very healthy, but the hamsters got to try a bit so Ruth had to also.

  • __Emma___Emma_ Legacy
    Posts: 28
    she's adorable :love:
  • _Tilly1712_Tilly1712 Legacy
    Posts: 303
    Wow, that's got to be one of the cutest photos I've seen in ages. How adorable!! :love: :love:
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