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Is it mites :/

Our little rat Stumpy had a little scab by her shoulder blades a few weeks ago and we thought it might have been a little scrap between her and her sister Binka.
We had Binka put to sleep last week because she lost a lot of weight and wasn't eating. The vet checked her over afterwards and said she had a mass inside and it's what made her so ill.
We took Stumpy along too because she has a little growth on her side but they said it's all fine.
Anyway, the scab hasn't healed much and she's got a couple more and a bit of hair loss around them and since she's on her own now it's definitely not fighting.
Could it be mites and is it safe to treat her for them just on the chance it could be?
Also, what's the best way to treat her for them?
She's a family pet so I said I'd come and ask you lovely people as my mum and dad aren't too sure on the best way to sort it.


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    Hiya. If she is very itchy and has any scabbing around the face and shoulders, she could be feeling stress due to the loss of Binka. Anxiety can cause rats and mice to get mites which are naturally occuring when their immune system is a bit run down due to stress or the loss of a friend. If your vet gave her the all-clear for mites, it may just be a scab from something else, but if she sctarches a lot or seems irritated, the best course of action would be to treat her with Xeno50 mini spot-on, which is Ivermectin pipettes. These can be purchased on online, or your vet should be able to give you enough for a full treatment plan. They should not be expensive if purchased from your vet. All you do is open one capsule and drop the clear solution along the rats back and let it soak in.

    Female rats do like to have company, so finding her a couple of young females would provide her with company again. I don`t know if that`s what your plans are though! What age is Stumpy? Are you in the UK?
  • _GhostsInSnow_GhostsInSnow Legacy
    Posts: 522
    She had the scab before losing Binka, that's why I was worrying
    Yeah I'm in the UK
    If we go by what we were told when we got the rats, she's 2 so she's an old girl now and whilst the vet said the lump was external, we can't rule out the chance of her having any internal cancers too.
    If we knew there was no chance of her getting pregnant, she could've gone in with the boys but it's to risky with her being so old.
    Thank you both for your advice
    We'll probably try the spot on.
    I always wash my hands between handling the rats and mice, I'm just paranoid about my mice getting them
  • _GhostsInSnow_GhostsInSnow Legacy
    Posts: 522
    She is, we had three originally. We lost Sapphire back in April after a long battle with respiratory Infection. The AB's never seemed to work for her so losing her and Binka, I wouldn't be surprised if Stumpy has some ratty-stress going on.
    I'll pick some spot on up just in case it is. It's probably good to have some in just in case anyway. And thank you :) I shall look for the recipe and see what I can find.
    We've also got some vitamin supplement that goes in the water somewhere too.
    Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it :)
  • _GhostsInSnow_GhostsInSnow Legacy
    Posts: 522
    Thank you :)
  • _GhostsInSnow_GhostsInSnow Legacy
    Posts: 522
    We do think it might be over-grooming but sadly we think it's the beginning of the end for her too. Her appetite has slowly declined and she seems unable to hold her food or use her front legs properly.

    Kind of expected her to go sooner rather than later because of the tumour it's still really horrible though. She was so lively and active less than a week ago :(
    We're going to try and get some soft foods into her since she's struggling with the rat biscuits but I think it'll be a sad vet trip after the weekend :(
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    As April said, it does sounds suspiciously like a pituitary tumour :( I lost Zita to one last year. The only way they can check for it for definite is with some sort of x-ray but usually the symptoms say enough. Try lots of soft food, baby food, porridge etc. Ratrations also do soft mixes. Hope the poor little thing is ok :hug:
  • _GhostsInSnow_GhostsInSnow Legacy
    Posts: 522
    Cuz it was late last night when my mum told me, I put her a load of mealworms in because she loves them but she stopped eating them this morning and won't take any.
    When I got back from work today, I found her with her head stuck in an empty toilet-roll tube so I fetched her out for cuddles. My mum said a similar thing happened earlier on today and she had her out for a bit too.
    I managed to get her to eat a little bit of chicken about an hour ago and she spent a good half an hour asleep in my hoodie (she loves nesting in peoples clothes)
    She's back in the cage now. My mum said she'll take her in to the vet on Monday as our emergency vet is about 40 minutes drive away andit wouldn't be fair to put her through such a long journey.
    We're keeping her warm and trying her with different soft foods.
    I'm hoping she'll perk up a little bit but I think the vet will say she needs to be put to sleep
    I know it's for the best though :(
    Thank you, you've both been so helpful and kind :)
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