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i think i've caught rat fever!

so lately i've been feeling strange, like somethings missing then i realized what it was, rats!
my horrible :D mom has forced me to wait a year to get a rat, anyone have any thing at all about ratties to say on this topic about their rats


  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    I have 5 ratties :D Two of which I picked up this morning from Kat at Scritches, they're called Esme and Nitt and my goodness they are gorgeous - although I forgot how stinky baby rat poo can be!

    Here are some photos of some my rabble:

    My beautiful Rosanne, who struggles with chronic Myco :( She loves cuddles and fuss and always wants to be the centre of attention:


    Dumbo, a PAH girlie I just couldn't resist. She's very skittish and a serial food stasher. Hugs are very much on her terms:


    And this is Altheda, who is sadly no longer with us. She was very grumpy when I first got her but she came around - almost! She was very, very greedy and incredibly lazy for a girl. Here she is, being naughty:

  • _GhostsInSnow_GhostsInSnow Legacy
    Posts: 522
    I have 2 Rats!...Well my mum and dad have two rats. We had 5 at the start of the year but lost the 3 girls to old age.
    They make amazing pets. I see them kinda like mice but about 5 times bigger xD
    And they're really clever too.
    No one should have to wait a year to get a rat xD

    I do agree with lauren though, baby rat poo does reek >.<

    And boys are a bit smellier than girls too
  • _nicemice_nicemice Legacy
    Posts: 366
    Oooh dont get rats, really Im serious, walk away while you still can, once you get some you will be hooked :shock: . I looked after a rat for a week for someone, since then Ive been well and truelly hooked, I only have 9 at the moment and its a nice sized group but Ive had as many as 19 at once. They are very very addictive though ;)
  • _evilcitty_evilcitty Legacy
    Posts: 79
    I had a cuddle off my friends rat girls last week. They were LOVELY, just sat on my shoulder and let me stoke them. I'd love a ratty or two, but mustn't get any more pets until I know what I'm doing, university etc...but I said if she ever wanted to rehome them she knew where to look!
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