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The "Family" photo album

I couldn't resist posting in this section as both photography and mice play a big part in my life.
The first pic is of Ping and Nibblet. They're about a year old now and just like terrible twins!
This is Cosmic Mouse, she's a very "chilled out" and tubby mouse
The next is Luna (although she always gets called "little Grey Mouse").
Then there are the boys who both came from the local RSPCA
and Tipsy (so called because of his head tilt)
I have some new Siamese girls too but haven't got many good photos yet as one of them recently gave birth.


  • _geordiesmice_geordiesmice Legacy
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    A set of lovely mice you have there AnnB, I especially like cosmic.
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    Very cute moosers, Ann :)
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    A super mousey family! I love the expression on Cosmic's face:lol:
  • Posts: 258
    What a lovely mixture of colours. I always used to prefer the darker coated mice but all our rescues recently have been red eyes. I don't think I have a particular favourite anymore, they're all gorgeous.

    The Siamese on the left reminds me of my old girl, Amelie the angry!
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    Aw, they look very cosy in their nest.
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