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Cage Help!!!

I have 4 mice and I am trying to find suitable accommodation for them (cage). Does anybody have a good suggestion for a cage. It needs to be large and it needs to have easy access to my mice and it must be easy to clean. Any suggestions? :? :?: Suggestions will be appreciated. :)
Many thanks,


  • _5miceBHKRS_5miceBHKRS Legacy
    Posts: 31
    If you have an internet link or picture it will be much appreciated :)
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    savic freddy 2s are pretty good, great access and easy to clean. Plus masses of space. They also come up very cheap second hand
  • _Galaxy_Galaxy Legacy
    Posts: 714
    It always worries me regarding 2nd hand cages and toys about what happened to the previous occupants & if they died from a nasty diesease etc...
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